Janssen Talks Issues with Metro Property Owners


Janssen Talks Issues with Metro Property Owners


OMAHA, NE - Charlie Janssen was the guest speaker at a Monday meeting of the Metropolitan Omaha Property Owners Association. Janssen was introduced by MOPOA Board President John Chatelain and was asked for an update on his campaign for Governor and a summary of important legislation being considered by the Unicameral.

Janssen took questions on property tax relief, state aid to schools, and his bill to require photo identification for voting purposes. The majoirty of the questions concerned government regulations and property rights.

"There are too many government regulations that hurt small business owners, and the agencies charged with enforcing them are often punitive instead of helpful," Janssen said. "As property owners, you know this all to well and you face regulations from all levels of government. As Governor, I want to take a look at what's necessary and what isn't so we can government out of your way."