Nebraskans Must Stand Behind Ethanol


Nebraskans Must Stand Behind Ethanol

Nebraska’s corn ethanol industry is vital to our economic stability and growth. Without the revenue, infrastructure, and jobs generated by this product, our state and local budgets would suffer, and many rural communities would face serious financial hardship.

So when the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in Washington proposes a reduction in the federal Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), unilaterally decreasing the demand for ethanol, Nebraska has to push back hard.

The proposed reduction in the RFS comes at a time when our corn farmers have produced a record yield, with prices hovering near the cost of production. It is simply unacceptable for unelected bureaucrats in Washington to reduce the market for corn ethanol when prices are low and production and demand are at all-time highs.

Through ingenuity and hard work, our ethanol producers have made the most of our agricultural resources to build Nebraska into the 2nd largest producer of corn ethanol in the country. Their product has meant billions in capital investment, the creation of thousands of new jobs, and the revitalization of Main Street in many rural towns.

While ethanol is critical to land values, tax revenues and economic development here, the impact of the product on our national energy policy has also been significant. The expansion of the ethanol industry has helped stabilize fuel prices for consumers and reduced our nation’s reliance on foreign oil from hostile countries.

Despite the overwhelmingly positive impact of ethanol in Nebraska and across the nation, the EPA is pushing forward with a reduction in the RFS that threatens the economic future of agriculture and hits every taxpayer deep in the pocketbook.

Nebraskans are already pushing back. Several important state agriculture organizations have sprung into action to oppose the EPA, and I strongly support their efforts.

During my service in the Legislature, I have worked hard for common-sense ideas to protect Nebraska’s interests from the failed policies and overreaching, burdensome regulations of the federal government.

Ethanol is a driver of economic growth and prosperity in our state and, on this issue, I join the organizations and concerned citizens standing up to the EPA and standing behind the farmers and businesses that have invested in Nebraska.