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The following was submitted to the Lincoln Journal Star opinion editor.
Daniel R. Moser (Letter 7/29) correctly states my position that the brutal rape and murder of a 93 year-old Omaha woman at the hands of an illegal alien should be part of our ongoing discussion of immigration policy.
Whenever a crime of this magnitude occurs, the societal factors that contributed to the crime are endlessly discussed and analyzed. To omit or ignore the illegal immigration issue in relation to this tragedy is politically correct nonsense.
Those who share my opinion here will not be surprised to hear I’ve been labeled a racist threat to the Republican Party for holding this view, but I am undeterred and will continue to speak out despite these lazy and ignorant criticisms of my character.

By Stephen Rickerl / Fremont Tribune.

As Gov. Dave Heineman would make the trek up U.S. Highway 77 from Lincoln to Fremont, he often wondered when the new bridge crossing the Platte River would be completed.

State Sen. Charlie Janssen, a Fremont native who commutes daily to Lincoln would pray as he crossed the decaying 1950s structure.

The sentiments of those elected officials echo that of much of the motoring public in recent years. But with the opening of the two lanes of the new U.S. 77 Platte River bridge July 18, and an official dedication of the span Wednesday, motorists will likely enjoy a smooth river crossing for years to come.   

A ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new 1,400 foot, four-lane bridge was attended by local,...


I spoke to Mike Flood this weekend about his very personal decision to permanently withdraw from the race for governor. My respect for him as a husband and father is immeasurable, and as I campaign across the state it is clear that Nebraskans everywhere are thinking of Mike and Mandi and praying for their health and happiness. 

Mike supported my campaign in 2008 and we remained allies during our service together in the legislature. We worked closely on many issues and had very few differences on policy. Mike obviously would have been a very strong competitor in the race, and his withdrawal from the field is significant.

I am fortunate to call Mike Flood a friend, and Ellen and I send our prayers to the Flood Family as they continue on the path to recovery.

North Platte

By Andrew Bottrell, Courtesy of the North Platte Telegraph

The Nebraska Early Childhood Grandparent Network presented two state senators with letters from Nebraska's youth, thanking them for their support during the Pork Breakfast on Saturday.

Three children, representing the network, gave Sens. Tom Hansen and Charlie Janssen letters of appreciation for supporting pre-kindergarten development with bills in the Nebraska legislature this past year.

"Tom worked very hard to support [the Early Childhood Grandparent Network] across ideological lines," said statewide coordinator Diane Rolfsmeyer.

The group's goal is to help improve pre-kindergarten education across the state in hopes that it leads to better economic standing for Nebraska's youth, and ultimately keep Nebraska's young...


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