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Today, let’s pause for a moment and honor the nearly 3,000 men and women who lost their lives 12 years ago.

Remember the firefighters who rushed to World Trade Center. Remember the service members who stood strong at the Pentagon. Remember the brave voices that shouted “Let’s Roll” on Flight 93.

Remember them all.

In the midst of immense darkness, the American spirit shone brightly – sending this unforgettable message of hope around the world:

We’ll never forget the ultimate sacrifice these heroes made. Today let’s honor their memory of keeping America the land of the free and home of the brave.

God Bless America.

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By Deena Winter | Nebraska Watchdog

LINCOLN – While other big-name politicians are still considering whether to jump into the Nebraska governor’s race, Fremont Sen. Charlie Janssen continues to pound the pavement across the state and take advantage of the fact he was the first official entrant in the contest.

Today, Janssen talked taxes with about 20 people at Skeeter Barnes restaurant in Lincoln, after recalling how the illegal immigration issue exploded while he was on the Fremont City Council.

“I’ve got pretty thick skin right now because I take a lot of hits,” he said.

But the point of the town hall meeting, the first of nine statewide, was to talk about tax reform. Janssen is a member of the Legislature’s Tax Modernization Committee, which is studying ways to update the state’s tax code.

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State Senator Charlie Janssen, candidate for Governor, will host a series of town hall meetings in nine cities on the issue of tax reform and his efforts as a member of the Legislature’s Tax Modernization Committee.
“As we debate the future of tax policy in Nebraska, it is critically important that the taxpayer has a voice in the process,” Janssen said. “These town hall meetings are a great opportunity to exchange opinions and ideas about how best to move forward.”
President Doug Kagan and volunteers with Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom organized the town hall meetings, which are open to the public.
"Charlie has worked closely with our organization and has been a strong advocate for taxpayers during his time in the Legislature,” Kagan said. “These town hall meetings will be a great opportunity for our members and...

The following originally appeared in Gerard Harbison's Right Wing Professor's Blog on August 3, 2013.

Charlie Janssen is a politician on the move. On the Fremont City Council, he stood for legislation barring illegal aliens from renting or working in the city; the rental portion of this ordinance have been upheld by the courts. As a legislator, he sponsored a voter ID law that was only defeated by a filibuster. In the last session, he stood firm against Medicaid expansion and various other leftist measures beloved of the nominal Democrat minority and their RINO fellow travellers. He’s now running for governor.

What is remarkable is the extent to which he’s become a figure of hatred for the Nebraska Left. By simply noting that the rapist/killer of a...