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State Senator Charlie Janssen of Fremont, a Navy combat veteran, will host a town hall meeting in western Nebraska to discuss legislation and issues affecting military veterans and retirees.

The meeting will be held at 7:00 PM on Wednesday, October 23 at the Gosper County Senior Center, 422 Ripley Street, in Elwood.

“The legislature will discuss several bills affecting veterans next session – from license plates to taxes on retirement income,” Janssen said. “It’s very important that our veterans are informed on upcoming legislation and make their voices heard.”

Last session, Janssen introduced and prioritized LB75, which would exempt military retirement benefits from state income tax.

Janssen served two tours in...


Published in The Fremont Tribune:

I just read the Oct. 2 Letter from Adam Johnson. He criticized Sen. Charlie Janssen’s leadership style, suggesting the senator has been jousting windmills no one cares about. Criticism is easy when you don’t let facts get in the way. Let me address his concerns:

“End prenatal care medical benefits for unborn U.S. citizens of illegal immigrants.”

First, does the word “illegal” mean anything? You would take our tax dollars to support illegal activity. None of our neighboring states provide this expanded welfare. That makes Nebraska a magnet for more illegal traffic and the additional tax burdens that come with it.

“Attempt to prohibit or limit enforcement of any...

News 5 caught up with Senator Charlie Janssen at the Hastings Gun Show Saturday at the Adams County Fairgrounds.
The Senator is traveling the state this weekend as he campaigns for Governor.

He talked about the Affordable Care Act, saying he'd like to see a full repeal of the federal law.

"I've fought against it. We fought the medicaid expansion which would have started in Nebraska for the Obamacare plan. It's a bad plan. The day it opened up the website crashed. It's clearly not ready to be implemented across the United States. The administration at least needs to acknowledge that and at least needs to delay it for now." 

Senator Janssen is an avid supporter...

Since Charlie started his campaign for governor, he has put 25,000 miles on his truck and visited over 100 communities.

And I've campaigned with him in parades, gun shows, and town halls as much as I can. This campaign is an honor for our entire family (we just welcomed our 4th child this month!).

Charlie has been telling me about this September fundraising deadline. It ends tonight, and he says we can reach our goal if just a couple more folks help.

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I can't wait to meet you at an event in your area.

Thanks for all your help,

Ellen Janssen



Charlie Janssen gave the following remarks Friday, September 13 at a rally sponsored by the Federation for American Immigration Reform in support of the family of Louise Sollowin, a 93 year-old woman who was raped and murdered by an illegal alien in July. 

This is a terrible thing that happened, and I wish we could be gathered here under different circumstances.Prayers and condolences are now all we have to give the family of Louise Sollowin – I cannot imagine your grief. I hope it is of some small comfort that we are here today to celebrate her life and call attention to the tragic nature of her passing.

Louise Sollowin was a mother, a grandmother – an innocent, who in her 93 years could not have possibly imagined such a violent end to her full life.

Whenever a crime of this magnitude occurs, the societal factors that contributed to the crime are...