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State Senator and candidate for Governor Charlie Janssen has released a tax relief plan focused on income and property tax cuts and greater accountability in government spending.
Janssen has incorporated his plan into two bills he’ll introduce Wednesday, the first day of the 2014 legislative session.
“I’ve put more than 30,000 miles on my truck traveling our state, and the clear message from homeowners, business leaders, farmers and ranchers is that we need tax relief now,” Janssen said. “I know we can get there by making government accountable and regularly auditing for waste and inefficiency.”
Janssen’s tax relief plan includes the following proposals:
  • Cut Income Tax rates and adjust tax brackets for inflation
  • Exempt Social Security and military retirement income from taxation
  • Increase annual funding for Property Tax Credit Program by 30% to $...

Nebraska’s corn ethanol industry is vital to our economic stability and growth. Without the revenue, infrastructure, and jobs generated by this product, our state and local budgets would suffer, and many rural communities would face serious financial hardship.

So when the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in Washington proposes a reduction in the federal Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), unilaterally decreasing the demand for ethanol, Nebraska has to push back hard.

The proposed reduction in the RFS comes at a time when our corn farmers have produced a record yield, with prices hovering near the cost of production. It is simply unacceptable for unelected bureaucrats in Washington to reduce the market for corn ethanol when prices are low and production and demand are at all-time highs.

Through ingenuity and hard work, our ethanol producers have made the most of our agricultural resources to build Nebraska into the 2nd largest producer of corn ethanol in the...

Tax Cuts, Spending Reductions Are Keys to Real Reform
LINCOLN -- State Senator Charlie Janssen, candidate for governor and member of the Tax Modernization Committee, said today that he does not support the committee’s recommendations and will offer an alternative plan that focuses on tax cuts and spending reductions.
“While I appreciate the efforts of Senator Hadley and the committee members, these recommendations fall short of what the people asked from us -- to find meaningful and necessary tax relief,” Janssen said.
Janssen is creating a tax relief plan that will provide direct property tax relief to homeowners, significantly reduce the tax rate on land used for agriculture, and exempt social security and military retirement benefits from state income tax.
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We've been lied to about Obamacare from beginning. It's time Nebraska pushed back against the incompetence of the federal government.


Reported by The Nebraska Radio Network:

State Sen. Charlie Janssen accuses the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development of harassment.

Janssen says HUD has threatened to withhold federal grants from Fremont, because the Obama Administration doesn’t like Fremont’s ordinance prohibiting landlords from renting to illegal immigrants.

“I just call it a bunch of fear-mongering right now,” Janssen tells Kevin Thomas, host of Drive Time Lincoln on Nebraska Radio Network affiliate KLIN. “They’re upset that the people of Fremont rose up against their elected officials and did a citizens initiative. I’m happy they did it. I was happy to help with it.”

Janssen, a former Fremont...