Letter: Let's Look At Facts, Not Emotion


Letter: Let's Look At Facts, Not Emotion


Published in The Fremont Tribune:

I just read the Oct. 2 Letter from Adam Johnson. He criticized Sen. Charlie Janssen’s leadership style, suggesting the senator has been jousting windmills no one cares about. Criticism is easy when you don’t let facts get in the way. Let me address his concerns:

“End prenatal care medical benefits for unborn U.S. citizens of illegal immigrants.”

First, does the word “illegal” mean anything? You would take our tax dollars to support illegal activity. None of our neighboring states provide this expanded welfare. That makes Nebraska a magnet for more illegal traffic and the additional tax burdens that come with it.

“Attempt to prohibit or limit enforcement of any new federal legislation on firearms.”

Did you miss Obama’s signing the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty, which would “regulate the international sale of conventional firearms for the first time in history” – a treaty described as “vague … ambiguous, jeopardizing our national sovereignty and Constitutional rights”? (Sen. Johanns’ wording). If you’re not concerned about D.C., open your eyes.

“Institute photo ID requirements to limit the fundamental right to vote.”

Some facts for you: 79 percent of Nebraskans support requiring ID. (July 2010, Caltech/MIT study). The Unicameral has consistently blocked it against the will of the people. At any given time there are 100,000 Nebraska voters registered to the wrong USPS address. Think there’s potential for fraud?

So try facts instead of emotion and hype. Sen. Janssen appears to be doing what we elected him to do.

Paul Von Behren, Ames