Janssen Joins Adams County GOP for Lincoln-Reagan Dinner


Janssen Joins Adams County GOP for Lincoln-Reagan Dinner


One day after announcing his candidacy for Governor, Charlie Janssen headed west for the Adams County Republican Paty Lincoln-Reagan Dinner. More than 120 Republicans participated in the event at the Hastings Hotel and Convention Center.

"When I announced my candidacy yesterday, I shared a quote from President Lincoln, that government should do only what people cannot do for themselves - and nothing more," Charlie said. "We build the Party when we work hard and stick to our principles, and I am proud to see so many principled conservatives here supporting the Party tonight."

The dinner program featured a keynote speech from US Senator Deb Fischer, who served in the legislature with Charlie for four years.

"People sometimes ask me how I can effectively serve my constituents while running a statwide campaign," Charlie said. "I tell them it worked for Deb Fischer, and I watched her succeed from a front row seat in the legislature."