Janssen Addresses Immigration Rally


Janssen Addresses Immigration Rally



Charlie Janssen gave the following remarks Friday, September 13 at a rally sponsored by the Federation for American Immigration Reform in support of the family of Louise Sollowin, a 93 year-old woman who was raped and murdered by an illegal alien in July. 

This is a terrible thing that happened, and I wish we could be gathered here under different circumstances.Prayers and condolences are now all we have to give the family of Louise Sollowin – I cannot imagine your grief. I hope it is of some small comfort that we are here today to celebrate her life and call attention to the tragic nature of her passing.

Louise Sollowin was a mother, a grandmother – an innocent, who in her 93 years could not have possibly imagined such a violent end to her full life.

Whenever a crime of this magnitude occurs, the societal factors that contributed to the crime are endlessly discussed and analyzed. And in this case, Louise Sollowin was raped and murdered by an illegal alien.

Now, I’ve been condemned, criticized, and ridiculed for mentioning that our failed immigration enforcement policy was a factor in her death. The reality is that no other conclusion can be drawn. To ignore the illegal immigration issue in relation to this tragedy is politically correct nonsense.

We’ve long known that a porous border is a threat to our national security – now there is no doubt that failure to protect our borders is a threat to our personal security. This crime is undeniable evidence that our borders are not secure and we have no idea who is entering our country. And unfortunately, tragedies like this one are happening with an alarming frequency all over the country.

The impact of the federal government’s failure to secure our borders has cost us immeasurably. Violent, senseless crimes are just the beginning. Think of the societal costs of the drug and weapons trade or the human trafficking that is now frighteningly common.

We simply cannot afford to bury our heads in the sand. Something must be done to secure our borders NOW.

I know all of you here understand these facts and share my opinion on this issue. For our strong beliefs, we are called racists, or worse, for standing on principle. But, like you, I will continue to speak out against illegal immigration despite the attacks on my character.

I served two combat tours in the Persian Gulf with the US Navy because the idea of American security and sovereignty meant something to me and was worth defending.

We must remain a nation of laws and there simply must be consequences for breaking those laws.

For me, this is an issue of fairness. There are thousands of good-intentioned, hard-working people who have waited in line for years to realize their American Dream. It is unfair for politicians to suggest that those who broke the law and jumped in line deserve amnesty over those who tried to play by the rules.

Amnesty does not work. It has never been the answer.

This is an issue of national security. How can we possibly hope to protect the homeland from threats abroad when there is no meaningful interest in securing our border? Border security must be the top priority in the immigration debate with no room for negotiation.

Finally, this is now clearly an issue of personal security. We have plenty of homegrown crimes and criminals to prosecute without importing violence from other countries. Political correctness has gotten in the way of the truth. And the truth is -- Our inability to track violent criminals crossing our border was absolutely a factor in Louise Sollowin’s death.

We must call attention to this truth, so that action can be taken to end this particular brand of violence and the maddening disregard for our laws.

How much more are we willing to take?

We grieve for Lousise Sollowin, but less than a week after her death in July, an illegal alien was arrested in Lincoln for sexual assault of a 13 year-old girl. It was 4 years ago that an illegal alien with 4 separate DUI convictions caused a crash in Omaha that killed a 4 year-old girl. And it was 12 years ago that a personal friend of mine, Mindy Schrieber, was robbed and murdered outside the restaurant where she worked by two men here illegally. They stabbed her 40 times and ran over her with thier car in the parking lot.

It’s these stories that have made the fight to end illegal immigration so personal to me, and why I chose to speak out after the rape and murder of Louise Sollowin.

As your state senator, I have led the fight to protect Nebraskans where the federal government has failed. I’ve worked hard to increase immigration enforcement in our state, and eliminate the state benefits offered by our government that make Nebraska a sanctuary for illegal aliens everywhere.

For my efforts, I have been mocked and ridiculed by newspaper editorial boards. I have been called a racist by liberal organizers locally and nationally. But I would rather bear that burden and do what needs to be done, than have our community suffer another tragedy like the untimely death of Louise Sollowin. The attacks from those on the other side will not dissuade me from standing up for what we all know is right, and I know you will stand with me.

I have visited with Nebraskans across the state and can say with certainty that our citizens are deeply concerned about the ramifications of illegal immigration in our communities. Nebraskans have demanded leadership on this issue, and I will continue to regard their command and concern as my top priority. That is the very least I can do – to honor Louise and work to prevent anything like this from happening again.

Thank you for being here, and your willingness to speak out and make your voice heard.