Defend the 2nd Amendment in Nebraska


Defend the 2nd Amendment in Nebraska

Last week, the Obama Administration announced 23 Executive Orders to restrict the 2nd Amendment rights guaranteed to us in the United States Constitution.

I do not believe we, as Nebraskans and Americans, can sit idly by and let this Administration tread on these rights. As State Senator and as a Persian Gulf War Veteran who has served this country and defended our inherent freedoms, I have a responsibility to act now and fight for the rights of law-abiding Nebraska citizens.

So, as the Nebraska legislature commences with the 103rd Legislative session, I wanted to let you know about a bill I filed today to defend the Constitution and protect our 2nd Amendment rights. My legislation will do two key things here in Nebraska:

1.  Make any federal law which places new restrictions on firearm or magazine ownership unenforceable in Nebraska; and
2.  Make any federal law that places new registration requirements on firearm ownership unenforceable in Nebraska.

Pledge your support for the 2nd Amendment by signing a petition in support of this bill.

 It is time to send a message to those in Washington, D.C. that we will not stand for the continual erosion of our rights and freedoms. The 2nd Amendment is clear, and its constitutional protections should be honored.


Now, there will be loud criticism of my proposal and your support of constitutional gun rights, given the epidemic of violence in this country. Friends, I am just as saddened and horrified by recent events as anyone, but taking away the constitutional rights of law abiding Americans is just not the answer.

After all, the 2nd Amendment was created by Our Founders to help us protect our homes and our families from violent oppression against our enemies or a tyrannical government. We must continue to uphold these basic rights, not tear them down, to maintain a free and just society.

Today, I am going to stand up and defend Nebraskans from an over-reaching federal government that believes it should weaken or dissolve our rights rather than protect them.

Will you join me in this effort to defend our rights? Please click here to sign the petition today to defend your 2nd Amendment rights in Nebraska.