Charlie Talks Health Care and Gun Rights


Charlie Talks Health Care and Gun Rights

News 5 caught up with Senator Charlie Janssen at the Hastings Gun Show Saturday at the Adams County Fairgrounds.
The Senator is traveling the state this weekend as he campaigns for Governor.

He talked about the Affordable Care Act, saying he'd like to see a full repeal of the federal law.

"I've fought against it. We fought the medicaid expansion which would have started in Nebraska for the Obamacare plan. It's a bad plan. The day it opened up the website crashed. It's clearly not ready to be implemented across the United States. The administration at least needs to acknowledge that and at least needs to delay it for now." 

Senator Janssen is an avid supporter of gun rights.
He proposed a bill last legislative session to make any new federal law restricting gun ownership unenforceable in Nebraska.
He says as Governor he'll continue to protect Nebraskans 2nd amendment rights.