Charlie Janssen


Charlie Janssen

Journal Star

Age: 43

Address: 1234 N. Bristolwood Drive, Fremont

Occupation: President/CEO, RTG Medical; Nebraska state senator

Political party: Republican


Janssen, a state lawmaker, Gulf War veteran and former Fremont city councilman, says his experience as a business owner would help him build on the work done by current Auditor Mike Foley.

State Auditor Mike Foley has criticized certain state agencies for trying to frustrate the oversight and audit process. Are there any requested records from state agencies that should be off limits to state auditors?

We must be able to assure the public that their tax dollars are all accounted for and used wisely. The only records that should be off limits would be those dealing specifically with personnel matters. Aside from personnel records, all other payment, financial and bidding process records should be available for inspection.

How aggressive should the state auditor be in uncovering waste in state agencies?

It is the duty and responsibility of the state auditor to make sure all tax dollars are accounted for and used wisely. If elected, I will be very aggressive looking for waste in our state agencies. My business experience will help me work with state agencies in an effort to make them even more accountable and efficient.

How closely should the state auditor and the governor work together in their roles of overseeing state government?

We should all work together to make sure we are providing the most efficient, accountable and effective government for the taxpayers. I will work with the governor, Legislature and department heads to make sure we are not wasting the taxpayers' hard-earned money. That being said, the auditor must also be able to work independently without outside influence.

How has your background prepared you for the role of state auditor?

As state auditor you must have a healthy respect for how we use your tax dollars. I helped start and grow a Nebraska business from the ground level into what is now a nationally awarded success and understand the budget process. My experience on the Fremont City Council gives me a greater understanding of our local budgets.

Is the Auditor’s Office properly equipped to fulfill its role as an internal watchdog for state government spending and practices?

All levels of government must work with a finite level of resources. I commend Auditor Foley for the work he has done with the resources available. As auditor I will work to make sure the Auditor’s Office works more efficiently by making the best use of the available resources. I will also look for innovative ways to be more efficient.

How can the Auditor’s Office work to ensure accountability by political subdivisions in the state?

This will be an area of emphasis for me as auditor. Smaller local subdivisions account for a large portion of the taxes Nebraskans pay. I will work with those subdivisions and be aggressive looking for improprieties and waste. Having served on the Fremont City Council will help me with this process.