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Over the past four years, the office of Nebraska state auditor has made headlines for tackling financial fraud and wasteful spending in several Nebraska public institutions. Current auditor Mike Foley will soon end his tenure in office, and that's left two candidates vying to be his successor.

Although the office of state auditor may not be the highest-profile race in the upcoming election, the argument could be made it is an important one.

According to University of Nebraska at Omaha political science professor Paul Landow, it’s the position in state government one might think of as the inspector general

“The state auditor has the ability to audit any and all state departments and programs, and as such has the ability to uncover waste, abuse, or make suggestions that might be valuable in terms of...

Star Herald

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — With attention focused on races for Nebraska governor and U.S. Senate, voters haven't heard as much about the open contests for attorney general and state auditor.

But the candidates for both offices are campaigning hard in the final weeks before the Nov. 4 election, traveling the state and preparing online and television ads as early voting begins.

Nebraska state Sens. Amanda McGill, a Democrat, and Charlie Janssen, a Republican, are competing in the state auditor's race. Both are looking to replace Republican Mike Foley, who is running for lieutenant governor with Omaha businessman Pete Ricketts.

McGill, 34, of Lincoln, pointed to her eight years in the Legislature dealing with complex policy issues, including human trafficking and the state's problem-plagued child...

Journal Star

Age: 43

Address: 1234 N. Bristolwood Drive, Fremont

Occupation: President/CEO, RTG Medical; Nebraska state senator

Political party: Republican


Janssen, a state lawmaker, Gulf War veteran and former Fremont city councilman, says his experience as a business owner would help him build on the work done by current Auditor Mike Foley.

State Auditor Mike Foley has criticized certain state agencies for trying to frustrate the oversight and audit process. Are there any requested records from state agencies that should be off limits to state auditors?

We must be able to assure the public that their tax dollars are all accounted for and used wisely. The only records that should be off limits would be those dealing specifically with personnel...

Fremont Tribune

State officials believe the rest of the old Platte River bridge south of Fremont will be gone within the next month, and the remaining lanes of the new bridge will open next spring.

“I'm pleased to report that the U.S. Highway 77 Platte River bridge expansion and improvement project continues to move toward full completion,” State Sen. Charlie Janssen said in an email to the Tribune.

“The lead contractor finished the temporary platform that will be used to remove the remainder of the former Platte River bridge. Removal is expected to be finished by early December,” Janssen wrote.

“The tangent section of the temporary bridge is out there,” said Micky Jacobs, project manager for the Nebraska Department of Roads. “They still have to put what are called ‘finger bridges’ out to facilitate the removal of the existing piers. There are five existing piers that still need to be removed.”

Work was under way on one of the finger bridges...