Get to Know Charlie

Thank you for taking time to learn about me, and why I’m running for Auditor of our great state.

I was raised in the small town of Nickerson, Nebraska, a town of 200 people. I come from a family that personified hard work. Neither my parents nor grandparents went to college. Instead they put in an honest day’s work, on the farm or raising a family, and trusting that their sacrifices would create better opportunities for their children.  

Their sacrifices did have a profound impact on me. So, after graduating from Logan View High School, I volunteered to serve in the United States Navy.

Serving as a search and rescue swimmer aboard a guided missile frigate during the first Gulf War will teach you some serious life lessons in very short order. I was assigned to a lead vessel in the hostile waters of occupied Kuwait. Our mission was to clear minefields for the U.S.S. Wisconsin, support the ground offensive, and serve as the front line ship risking ground fire from the Iraqis.  

We focused on our mission, performed to the best of our ability, and were the last ship in our fleet to return from that combat tour.  Those days and nights of serving alongside our nation’s finest gave me an enormous amount of pride, a sense of patriotism, and a deep belief in the American spirit.

After two combat tours in the Persian Gulf, I came home and enrolled at Wayne State becoming the first member of my family to go to college.  While the GI bill helped pay for my classes, I worked my way through school oiling lanes and taking out the trash in a local bowling alley.

I knew that thousands of veterans had a similar experience before me – coming home, starting out at the bottom, and working their way up.  I knew that if I had the courage to endure basic training and two combat tours, I could handle anything else that came my way.

After college, I went to work and found a talent working with people and helping to create business relationships.  Soon after, my brother Chris, my friend Jeremy and I decided that we would start our own business.  In a two-bedroom apartment, we made thousands of cold calls from makeshift desks, spending countless hours wearing out the phones lines to anyone who would listen to us.  

Twelve years later, I serve as President of our company, RTG Medical, twice recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the 500 fastest growing companies in the nation with more than 300 employees around the country.

It is these experiences – from my childhood in Nickerson, to my service in the Navy, and growing a successful business here in Nebraska – that have shaped my core principles and guided my leadership on the Fremont City Council and my two-terms in the Nebraska State Legislature.

With the help and encouragement of my wonderful wife Ellen and our three children, and your continued support, I will work to bring my record of service and experience to create a brighter future for the great people of this state. I hope you will join our campaign today.

Charlie Janssen